Last updated: August 14, 2023


Participation in the PrintGiant Everyday Rewards Program (hereinafter referred to as the "Rewards Program") is extended to all PrintGiant customers without charge. A Customer Rewards Account shall be created for each member of the Rewards Program, and these accounts will be credited with Rewards Points upon completion of eligible purchases. Accumulated Rewards Points may be exchanged for either dollar value denomination Rewards Point Certificates, which customers can apply towards the cost of future print jobs (excluding shipping and taxes), or for specific E-Gift Cards.

All customers of PrintGiant shall be preliminarily enrolled in the Rewards Program, and provisional Rewards Points shall commence accruing for purchases conducted post pre-enrollment. Actual enrollment and the ability to redeem Rewards Points are contingent upon adherence to these Terms and Conditions, the terms and conditions outlined on PrintGiant's principal website, and any other relevant PrintGiant terms and conditions. Consent to these Terms and Conditions will be sought prior to allowing access to the PrintGiant Customer Rewards Program via your customer account area or when attempting to redeem accumulated Rewards Points. Redeeming Reward Points constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions as they stand on the date of redemption. Participation in the Rewards Program remains voluntary, with customers retaining the option to decline.

These Terms and Conditions are subject to alterations at any given time. In the absence of a contrary statement, transactions within the Rewards Program, including but not limited to redemption of Rewards Points or requests for benefits exclusive to members, will be governed by the terms and conditions in effect at the time of such transaction.


Participation in the PrintGiant Rewards Program is primarily accessible to all existing and prospective customers of PrintGiant. The sole prerequisite for eligibility entails holding or creating a valid account with PrintGiant. The company reserves the authority to revoke or deny membership in compliance with the pertinent Terms and Conditions, as well as any other applicable rules and regulations.

Establishing and Maintaining Membership

Upon preliminary enrollment, you shall provisionally accumulate Rewards Points in your Customer Rewards Account for each qualifying transaction, subject to these Terms and Conditions. In order to substantiate your Rewards Program Membership and exercise the right to utilize or redeem Rewards Points, or obtain any other advantages potentially associated with or offered by the Rewards Program, it is requisite that you expressly consent to these Terms and Conditions. If not previously completed, consent will be solicited upon accessing your primary Customer Account with PrintGiant or your Customer Rewards Account. Redeeming Rewards Points from your account constitutes an express acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. Following your acceptance, you shall retain all provisionally credited Rewards Points while continuing to accrue points in accordance with the program's guidelines.

Should you decide against consenting to these Terms and Conditions, please note that rejection will render you ineligible for participation in the Rewards Program. Consequently, pre-enrollment will be annulled, provisional Rewards Points will be deemed invalid, and further accumulation of usable points will cease. However, if at a later stage you wish to join the Rewards Program, we encourage you to contact PrintGiant Customer Service via email: [email protected] or call 1-888-924-4268. Opting not to participate in the program but later reconsidering will not warrant retroactive membership benefits.

Eligible Transactions

Pursuant to the stipulations delineated within these Terms and Conditions, all purchases from PrintGiant qualify for Rewards Points, subject to specified exceptions. Be advised that shipping, handling fees, and taxes are invariably ineligible for Rewards Points allocation and shall be excluded from any transaction calculations. Rewards Points shall be conferred solely on the actual amount expended for an order, factoring in discounts, special offers, etc., while excluding shipping, handling, and taxes.

For illustration purposes: an item priced at $300.00 with a 20% discount would amount to $240.00 before shipping and taxes (if applicable). Only the $240 actual cost is valid for Rewards Points accrual.

PrintGiant is the final authority on whether a transaction qualifies for an award of Rewards Points and reserves the right to deduct Rewards Points from a member's account at any time if points are credited in error.

Rewards Points Certificates are exclusively redeemable as a credit against PrintGiant print job orders placed by the earning member. These certificates shall expire either within 30 days of redeeming said points or upon reaching six months of account inactivity – whichever occurs first. Be advised that expired certificates result in Rewards Points forfeiture; they will not be returned to your Customer Rewards Account. The certificates do not possess independent monetary value, nor can they be redeemed for cash, merchandise, or other benefits; additionally, they are non-transferable.

Engaging in attempts to exploit transactions or qualifying activities from which credit has already been received is strictly forbidden and represents a violation of these Terms and Conditions.

Applicable orders will grant their corresponding Rewards Points immediately upon shipping to the designated address.

Denial or revocation of Rewards Points applies as follows:

  • Cancelled orders.
  • Orders that are not fully paid.
  • Shipping and handling charges.
  • Any and all applicable taxes.
  • Refunded orders.
  • That portion of an order that is paid for with Reward Points Certificates.
  • That portion of an order paid for with a coupon, or the subject of a discount or other special offer.
  • Orders that take advantage of another special offer or discount offered by PrintGiant to which Rewards Points do not apply.

If your Customer Rewards Account exhibits a negative balance due to previously awarded points adjustment, orders placed during this period will contribute their earned points toward rectifying this negative balance – rendering them ineligible for redemption. Placing and subsequently canceling orders (or part thereof) with the sole intent of accruing and redeeming Rewards Points is valid grounds for account suspension or termination, as per PrintGiant's discretion.

Please note that under no circumstances will Rewards Points be retroactively credited to an account. For instance, should the PrintGiant website be temporarily inaccessible due to technical or other issues during a period of double or multiple points availability, orders placed on subsequent days will not qualify for increased rewards points – regardless of whether the order could have been placed earlier.

Reward Points Accrual

Your Customer Rewards Account will be credited with one Rewards Point for each dollar you spend on an eligible transaction.

Rewards Points Redemption

Rewards Points may be redeemed by: Rewards Point Certificates.

Rewards Points may be redeemed for Rewards Point Certificates, which can be used as a credit against the invoiced cost of a future order from PrintGiant. Rewards Points Credit Certificates are available in amounts from $1.00 to $100.00.

A Rewards Points Certificate shall be utilized solely as a credit for eligible PrintGiant print job orders, executed by the member who accrued the Rewards Points. These certificates are non-transferable, possess no monetary value independently, and are not redeemable for cash, merchandise, or other benefits.

One Rewards Points Certificate only may be applied to a specific print job order; the certificates are not combinable. Rewards Points Certificates cannot be employed for custom orders or in conjunction with any other promotion, special offer or discount from PrintGiant. Utilization of Rewards Point Certificates is prohibited during custom orders or promotional events.

Rewards Points Certificates shall not cover shipping and handling fees and/or applicable taxes. The charges and taxes for all orders derive from the total gross value of the order, exclusive of Rewards Points Certificates usage. For instance, a $500.00 order utilizing $100.00 in Rewards Points Certificates will calculate taxes based on the $500.00 gross order value, rather than the net cost of $400.

To redeem Rewards Points, access your Customer Rewards Account and adhere to provided instructions.

Redemption of Rewards Points is irreversible; decisions regarding certificate and/or E-Gift Card selection are final and will not be returned to your Customer Rewards Account once redeemed.

A Reward Points Certificate is solely applicable towards eligible future PrintGiant print job orders as a credit and cannot be exchanged for E-Gift Cards. The certificate is valid for one-time use only and multiple orders cannot be combined for usage. If the order value does not reach the certificate's full amount, the remaining balance is forfeited. In the case of an order cancellation after redeeming a Rewards Points Certificate, the accumulated points will be forfeited, and no replacement certificate will be provided.

Customer Rewards Account

You will be able to access your Customer Rewards Account and review the balance of your accrued Rewards Points simply by accessing your normal PrintGiant account. A link to your Customer Rewards Account will appear in your regular PrintGiant account page. You will not need any special account number or password to access the Customer Rewards Account. Your normal PrintGiant account number and password will control access to and use of the Customer Rewards Account and all transactions available within the account.

Your PrintGiant account can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You are responsible for the selection and use of your PrintGiant account password and for maintaining the confidentiality of your password. PrintGiant recommends that you do not divulge your account number and/or password to anyone. If you do, you will be and are solely responsible for any actions that the person or entity receiving this information takes with respect to your account password, including, without limitation any transactions within in your PrintGiant customer account and /or your Customer Rewards Account, any redemption of accrued Rewards Points in your Customer Rewards Account, any violation(s) of these Terms and Conditions and/or all other applicable PrintGiant rules and regulations, and any disclosure or details of your account(s) or further disclosure of your account number and/or password that may occur. PrintGiant is not and shall have no liability for any losses or damages of any kind or nature, resulting from unauthorized access to, or use of, your PrintGiant account or password.

Transferability/Prohibitions/Account Termination

Participation in the Rewards Program, possession of a Customer Rewards Account, accumulation of Rewards Points, and holding of Rewards Point Certificates are strictly non-transferable. It is prohibited to merge your Customer Rewards Account, Rewards Points, and/or Rewards Point Certificates with those held by another individual or entity. Each Customer Rewards Account must be registered to a single person or entity, and no individual may possess multiple Customer Rewards Accounts.

The trading or selling of Customer Rewards Accounts, Rewards Points, account credits, Rewards Point Certificates, or any other benefits derived from the Rewards Program among members is explicitly forbidden. Any benefits obtained through unauthorized sales or barter transactions shall be deemed VOID.

PrintGiant reserves the right to revoke your membership in the Rewards Program at its discretion should you breach these Terms and Conditions or any other pertinent PrintGiant policies or guidelines, including participating in prohibited sales or barter transactions. Upon termination of your membership for any reason, your Customer Rewards Account shall be eliminated; all accumulated Rewards Points will be forfeited; any unused Rewards Point Certificates and pending redemption transactions will be invalidated; and all other benefits associated with the Rewards Program will be lost.

Members whose accounts have been terminated are ineligible to partake in any aspect of the Rewards Program, including special promotions. Instead of termination, PrintGiant may opt to deduct Rewards Points from your account and/or annul unused Rewards Point Certificates and/or cancel pending redemption transactions while allowing you to continue participating in the Rewards Program at its sole discretion. Previously terminated members cannot open new accounts without obtaining prior authorization from PrintGiant. If PrintGiant determines that a new account has been created for a formerly terminated member's benefit—regardless of whether it is registered under that member's name—said account is subject to termination.

You are responsible for acquainting yourself with the rules, terms, and conditions governing the Rewards Program. If you require clarification on applicable rules for your specific situation, please consult the relevant documentation or contact a PrintGiant customer service representative.

Program Changes

PrintGiant retains the exclusive authority to modify the Terms and Conditions, as well as the rules, benefits, regulations, points award levels, redeemable items, and any applicable special offers of the Rewards Program, at any time without prior notification. Consequently, PrintGiant may alter the methods for earning and redeeming Rewards Points. Amendments may encompass modifications that, inter alia, (i) adjust the Rewards Points credits or other benefits attributable to any transaction after the modification date, (ii) change the value of previously accumulated Rewards Points or other Rewards Program benefits for redemption or otherwise, and/or (iii) modify or eliminate eligible transactions and/or items against which Rewards Points can be redeemed. The prevailing Terms and Conditions of the Rewards Program at the time of Rewards Points redemption or benefit request shall regulate such transactions.

Alterations to the Terms and Conditions shall be published on this website. It remains your responsibility to monitor for updates regularly. PrintGiant disclaims any obligation to provide advance or concurrent notice of amendments in the Rewards Program or Terms and Conditions. Should PrintGiant opt to notify of a specific modification to the Rewards Program or Terms and Conditions, no commitment arises to provide notice of further changes in any form or timing.

PrintGiant reserves the right to terminate the Rewards Program in its entirety upon providing three months' notice. In case of termination, notice will be displayed on PrintGiant's website.

Account Deletion and Rewards point Expiration

Reward Points within the Customer Rewards Account shall expire twelve (12) calendar months from the initial date of accrual. Be advised that upon redemption of Reward Points for Rewards Point Certificates, such action shall be deemed irrevocable; a reversion of redeemed Reward Points to the Customer Rewards Account will not be permitted.

A Rewards Point Certificate, along with its enclosed Rewards Point value, shall expire at the earlier instance of either one (1) month subsequent to the date of Rewards Point redemption, or when your PrintGiant account has remained inactive for a continuous period of six (6) months.

In the event that your PrintGiant customer account lacks purchase activity – defined as the placement and subsequent fulfillment, delivery, acceptance, and payment of an order – for six (6) consecutive months, there will be a termination of your Rewards Program membership. Consequent to this termination, all unredeemed and accumulated Reward Points in the Customer Rewards Account as well as any valid yet unused Reward Certificates shall be deemed forfeited.

The act of redeeming Rewards Points for Rewards Point Certificates shall not be construed as purchase activity within your PrintGiant customer account.

Should your Rewards Program membership and Customer Rewards Account face termination due to inactivity spanning six (6) months and you subsequently place an order with PrintGiant, a new Rewards Program membership and Customer Rewards Account shall be established. Accumulation of Reward Points will recommence with this new transaction, contingent on your acknowledgement and agreement to abide by these Terms and Conditions. Note that previously accrued but forfeited Reward Points are not subject to reinstatement. It remains your duty to monitor your Customer Account periodically in order to safeguard against involuntary termination of your Rewards Program membership and loss of any accumulated Reward Points due to account inactivity. PrintGiant does not assume any obligation or responsibility to notify you regarding your account's activity or inactivity status, the termination of your Rewards Program membership, and/or the forfeiture of any accumulated Rewards Points.

Name and Address Change

It is your duty to inform PrintGiant of any alteration in name, email, telephone number, or mailing address associated with your relevant PrintGiant account. Although not obligated, PrintGiant retains the authority to modify any member's address using National Change of Address (NCOA) information provided by relocating postal clients.

To modify your account contact details, access your account at or reach out to PrintGiant customer service via email: [email protected] or 1-888-924-4268. Legal documentation may be necessary for name change requests. PrintGiant assumes no liability for errors, losses, or damages arising from neglecting to update account information.


PrintGiant consistently prioritizes customer privacy. Please refer to PrintGiant's privacy policy by clicking here:

Rewards Points Statements

Neither paper nor digital Customer Rewards Account statements will be distributed. To ascertain your Customer Rewards Account status, log in to your regular PrintGiant customer account and select the "My Reward Points" button icon. The account shall display your earned Rewards Points and redemption activities.

Account Discrepancies

You bear the responsibility of ensuring that Rewards Points from eligible transactions are credited to your Customer Rewards Account. Any discrepancies must be documented in writing within a 60-day period following the transaction date. Oral discrepancy reports shall not be accepted. It is advised to maintain copies of qualifying transactions until corresponding Rewards Points are accurately reflected in your Customer Rewards Account.

To report or discuss a discrepancy contact PrintGiant customer service via email: [email protected] or call 1-888-924-4268.